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More Than 1,200 Kids & Teens Participated in Maplewood Library’s Summer Reading Programs

From the Maplewood Library:

Champion Readers make giant bubbles at Hilton Branch Library

What did you do this summer? In Maplewood and South Orange, many kids spent their time reading and writing. Over 1,200 children and teens participated . . .


What did you do this summer? In Maplewood and South Orange, many kids spent their time reading and writing. Over 1,200 children and teens participated in Maplewood Library’s Summer Reading Programs. Collectively these children read and wrote for over 26,000 hours from June through August. Motivated by the prizes, even struggling readers gave it a try.

The prizes and summer programs create enthusiastic new readers every summer and are funded by the Friends of Maplewood Library through book sales and family memberships.

Here are a few of the 126 children who read or wrote for more than 50 hours this summer:

Bennett Amerikaner; Alice Artis; Charlie Barnard; Tucker Barnes; Trevathan Barrett Boeke; Owen Barter;  Mercer Barton-Griffin; Charlie Baxter; Sloane Benedict; Maddie Benson; Lila Brehm; Vivienne Brehm; Emma Brown;  Aaliyah Brown-Buttrose; Alesha Brown-Buttrose; Maeve Cahiwat; Christopher Cavo; Oliver Cavo; Jacob Ceterko; Kayla Ceterko;  Ella Chappelear; Will Chappelear; Matthew Chin; Beverly Choi; Evelyn Choi; Lila Clammer; Will Clifford; Gillian Crawford; Charlie Danton;  Annabella de Picciotto; June Demaree; Logan Destro; Zoe DiVivo; Elizabeth Dougherty; Tilian Duhaubois; Jonas Edling; Lucas Edling; Owen Elwood;  Lisette Falk; Olivia Feigenbaum; Miya Fleming; Julia Friedrich; Ryan Friedrich; Sam Gamage; Quinn Gunn-Miles; Dylan Haas; Violet Hanson; Ava Hersh;  Maya Hersh; Henry Houseworth; Parker Jankay; Amelia Jones; Elizabeth Jones; Riley Jones; Samantha Jones; Nicholas Kolodiy; Melvyn Latham IV; Penelope Lee;  Danny Lehrer; Koa Lewis; Ayla Licht; Ferris Lindsay; Greta Littell; Lucia Littell; Landon Lubomski; Nolan Lubomski; Ava Maloney; Eva Mansfield; Audrey Marvell;  Beatrice Marvell; Raine Marvell; Andrew McCall; Arthur McCall; Lucy Nichols; Ansel O’Brien; Elise O’Brien; Jack Pachal; Elinore Reichman; Felix Reichman-Curnow; Mila Rodgers;  Matteo Romano; Stian Romano; Lily Rothberg; Logan Saby; Solomon Schaffzin; Eloise Schwabe; Oscar Schwabe; Simon Simpson; Solomon Simpson; Elizah Sippie; Hannah Spector; Sam Spector; Emma Spiegal;  Ben Spilberg; Lily St. Denis; Kesari Tennant; Rorygrace Thompson; Isadora Torres; Barrett Boeke Trevathan; Audrey Wade; Lawson Wahlers; Autumn Ward; Holly Ward; Porter Weckesser; David Wilcher; Isabella Wilcher;  Kamryn Williams; Lucie Williams; Kirin Wolfe; Rohan Wolfe; Reese Wolfinger; Sonia Zenobi. Congratulations to all.

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