Moussa Fofana Scholarship Announced 

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From the Columbia High School Scholarship Fund:

Fred Profeta, A CHS graduate, former mayor of Maplewood, and president of the Maplewood Foundation, together with an anonymous donor have provided funding to underwrite a dedicated scholarship through the Columbia High School Scholarship Fund (CHSSF). The scholarship will honor Moussa Fofana, a beloved former Columbia High School student and CHS Soccer Team player, whose life ended when he was fatally shot at the Underhill Sports Complex field while walking to a friend’s house on June 6, 2021. Moussa moved to Maplewood from Liberia when he was in the 6th grade. He was a high school junior with dreams of playing professional soccer before his tragic death occurred. 

Moussa Fofana, CHS Class of 2022. Artist: Hayden Grossman.

The Moussa Fofana Scholarship will be awarded for the first time this 2023-24 academic year. The scholarship is a financial need-based award that will be given to a student who is on the CHS (boys or girls) soccer team. If the criteria cannot be met in any given year, a student who demonstrates financial need will be selected. 

Mr. Profeta explains his inspiration to establish this lasting tribute to Moussa: 

I have learned a lot about Moussa since his tragic death. Two things stand out – his love for soccer and his selfless desire to help others. Many have also noted that any testimonial to Moussa should be permanent because the virtues for which he stood are everlasting and his memory should always stand as a model for young people to emulate. A soccer scholarship that will help students with financial need seems a fitting memorial to a young man with considerable skill and character who left us too soon and should be remembered forever. 

Hawa Fofana, Moussa’s mother, Mr. Profeta and family members will be in attendance at CHSSF’s student award reception. “Moussa will be there in spirit with me and his brother Abraham to meet the recipient of the award. This is something he would have been proud to do.” Ms. Fofana added, “To help students pursue dreams that Moussa does not have the opportunity to go after himself is bittersweet but one that I wholeheartedly support. It will ensure that Moussa’s connection to the CHS community and soccer team lives on for as long as the Columbia High School Scholarship Fund exists. For that I am grateful.” 

Hawa and Moussa Fofana

The Columbia High School Scholarship Fund (CHSSF) is celebrating its 100 years of providing need-based scholarships to CHS seniors and graduates. For more information, visit

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