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New Seth Boyden Leadership Team Is Complete With Sheila Murphy Named Assistant Principal

Seth Boyden Principal Shannon Glander and Vic Principal Sheila Murphy

When Sheila Murphy was introduced as the new Vice Principal of Seth Boyden Demonstration School at the September 17, 2018 South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education meeting, the audience broke into raucous shouts and applause.

It was a nice moment for a school community that has been roiled by changes in school leadership this past year with the non-renewal of former Principal Damion Frye and the former Assistant Principal Raquel Horn’s promotion and reassignment to Marshall School as Principal.

Murphy, a long-term and wildly popular teacher at Seth Boyden, joins new Principal Shannon Glander atop Seth Boyden’s administrative staff. When Village Green requested a photo of Murphy to run with this story, she asked that we use a photo of her with Principal Glander.

Murphy will be paid a salary of $99,184/year (see resolution below).

Following are Murphy’s remarks to the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education upon appointment as Assistant Principal of Seth Boyden School:

Members of the Board of Education, I thank you for approving me for the position of Assistant Principal of Seth Boyden School. Thank you, parents and teachers who gave up their time this summer to interview candidates for this position. Thank you, [Interim Superintendent] Dr. Ficarra, Dr. Charney, Dr. Rando, and Dr. Morana for your support, despite the fact that “edu-speak” is clearly not my first language. Thank you to Seth Boyden’s former Assistant principal, Raquel Horn, who encouraged me to work with her this summer when I would rather have played with my grandbabies. Most importantly, thank you to the Principal of Seth Boyden, Shannon Glander, with whom I worked this summer to buff up Seth Boyden. I have already learned so much from her, and from the outset, almost miraculously I might add, we have developed what is becoming a well-oiled, responsive leadership team.

Seth Boyden School is a special place, where I have spent the last eighteen years of my life. I carry it in my heart as my fifth child. The faculty and staff are astounding in their commitment. Our families are hardworking and caring. Our children – nothing short of spectacular! Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” I think Dr. King would find the Seth Boyden community working daily with and toward both! Thank you, and please come visit us! Perhaps on a Wednesday, when our garden teacher, Maggie Tuohy, distributes vegetables from our garden to all comers!

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