VIDEO: After Violent Attack on Nation’s Capitol, CHS Principal Tells Students: ‘We Are Here to Support You’

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In response to the horrific attack today on our nation’s Capitol, Columbia High School Principal Frank Sanchez released a video for students.

“It is important that you hear from us..that we got you,” said Sanchez. “We are here to support you and to help you process situations like this.”

“This is not who we are [as a country]…yet it is a little bit who we are,” Sanchez said. “These images show us some of America…and we need to call it out. The fact that these rioters…get to be safely escorted out of the building when non-violent protesters for the Black Lives Matter movement are treated [differently], that is not lost on us.”

He continued, “Yes this was a horrible day for democracy…yet hopefully in vivid color and 4K, it shows the majority of Americans the definition of privilege and the sharp differences Americans experience in this country.”

See the full video here; see Mr. Sanchez’s full remarks below:

Download (DOC, 26KB)

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