Two Maplewood Goalies Need Your Support in Poll

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Maplewood's Eva Verzani in goal for Newark Academy

Maplewood’s Eva Verzani in goal for Newark Academy. Photo by Kelly Peters is rolling out position-by-position polls for New Jersey high school sports over the next few weeks, and the first poll involves two Maplewood residents — Lailah Shorter of Columbia High School and Eva Verzani of Newark Academy.

Shorter and Verzani are duking it out with 15 other female field hockey goalies across the Essex/Union Conference — some of whom are enjoying very strong social media support (we’re looking at you, Cranford and Johnson High in Clark).

Lailah Shorter in goal for Columbia High School

Lailah Shorter in goal for Columbia High School

Let’s show them that Maplewood is no slouch when it comes to social media — hey, we just bested 15 other top New Jersey downtowns in the NJMonthly Downtown Showdown!

According to, “Votes are unlimited, so make sure to vote as often as you’d like and have fun with the selections. To ensure that your team’s top players are included in our polls be sure to report all stats to”

Note that Verzani’s first name is spelled incorrectly in the poll as “Evan” — but you can still vote for her!

The poll will close on Monday, Oct. 5, at noon.

Vote HERE.


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