Maplewood Township Committee Releases Statement on Recent Public Protests

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From the Maplewood Township Committee:

In Maplewood we stand for inclusivity, respect, and understanding. Recently, some protestors, who are exercising their First Amendment right to free speech have used language that is hurtful and unnerving to many of our neighbors. We urge all participants in public protests to refrain from engaging in hate speech or discriminatory behavior targeting any group, including our Jewish and Muslim community members. We must remember that freedom of expression does not justify the spread of harmful rhetoric, nor can it be used to incite violence against any individual or group.

We are mindful of the close connections community members of many faiths have with Israel and Palestine. We can publicly protest against the war and express our anger or support for one side or another, but we must not use phrases or words that will hurt or frighten those on the other side of the issue causing them to feel unsafe in their own town. Maplewood needs to be a safe space to disagree. We do not and will never accept bullying, harassment, discrimination, and bias of any kind in our community. Local residents and outside actors inciting vitriol amongst neighbors has been documented here and across the country. Let’s not buy into the social discord narrative that is gripping our nation. We are Maplewood, home to all. We must be a safe space in these turbulent times.

The Maplewood Township Committee strongly condemns the behavior and the use of language that tears the community apart rather than bring us together. In our desire for peace in the world, let’s start with peace here at home.

  • Mayor Nancy Adams
  • Deputy Mayor Jamaine Cripe
  • Township Committee Member Dean Dafis
  • Township Committee Member Victor DeLuca
  • Township Committee Member Deborah Engel


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