The Tale of the Maplewood Township Committee Write-In Votes

by The Village Green
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There’s been a bit of speculation in Maplewood around the write-in vote count for Township Committee.

A campaign started by a thread on MaplewoodOnline urged locals to write-in the name of Township Committeeman Gerard W. Ryan who was defeated in the Democratic primary in June (Greg Lembrich and Nancy Adams won the nomination and, ultimately, the general election).

Ryan did not endorse the write-in campaign.

The numbers from Township Clerk Liz Fritzen’s office show that there was an increase in write-ins this year (they usually number around 20) and the vast majority of the 138 votes went to Ryan, who garnered 120.

No other write-in candidate — including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the possibly mistyped Jerry Adams — received more than one vote.

Here are the numbers per district:


District 1

Gerard Ryan-14

Tim Mullaney-1

Evgueniy Vitchev-1

Thomas Carlson-1


District 2

Gerard Ryan-4


District 3

Gerard Ryan-10

Jerry Adams-1


District 4

Gerard Ryan-9

Christopher Trzaska-1


District 5

Gerard Ryan-3


District 6

Gerard Ryan-8



District 7

Gerard Ryan-7

Dirk Olin-1



District 8

Gerard Ryan-15


District 9

Gerard Ryan-1

Lisa Duggan-1


District 10

Gerard Ryan-1


District 11

Mickey Mouse-1

Donald Duck-1


District 12



District 13



District 14

Gerard Ryan-1


District 15

Gerard Ryan-6

Ed May-1




District 16

Gerard Ryan-7


District 17

Gerard Ryan-7



District 19

Gerard Ryan-9

Annette De Palma-1


District 20

Gerard Ryan-12


District 21

Gerard Ryan-2


District 22

Gerard Ryan-4

Ian Grodman-1

Danna Seltzer-1


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