Maplewood Ave., Ricalton Sq. Temporary Parking and Loading Changes Begin

by The Village Green
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Ahead of the impending construction of the new Post House mixed use development on the site of the former Post Office in Maplewood Village, the township has initiated several changes to parking and loading in the areas. One is to create a temporary loading zone on Maplewood Avenue in front of Kings; the other is to prohibit commercial trucks from parking and loading in the Ricalton Square parking lot.

Demolition is not expected to begin until early April, according to most recent reports from the township.

Here is the full notice from the township.

Ricalton Square & Maplewood Avenue
Temporary Commercial Parking Rules
Chief Robert J. Cimino

Township Resolution 54-16
Temporary Parking Changes

Commercial Truck Parking and loading/unloading is not permitted in Ricalton Square effective Monday, March 21, 2016.

Due to an ongoing construction project, the Township of Maplewood has temporarily created a designated Loading Zone. This Loading Zone is in front of 159 Maplewood Avenue (King’s). The Loading Zone is to be utilized by delivery trucks only during the designated hours of 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

During this time frame only commercial vehicles actively loading/unloading are permitted in this area. After 10:00 AM non-commercial vehicles may park in front of 159 Maplewood Avenue.

Commercial vehicles may also use business driveways to load/unload throughout the day.

Effective as of March 21, 2016 until cancelled.

Parking Enforcement
All Drivers: Please Park Legally!

In an effort to minimize the impact on traffic, businesses and deliveries the Maplewood Police Department and its parking enforcement officers will be strictly enforcing all parking signs and no parking zones. Loading/unloading is not permitted in Ricalton Square.

Deliveries and Commercial Vehicles

While large delivery trucks will not be permitted to park or load/unload in Ricalton Square, the loading and unloading of vans and small vehicles that park completely in a single parking space, will be permitted in the Ricalton Square parking Lot.

Please be mindful of potential sign changes in this area and adjust delivery times accordingly.

Train Pick-up

A temporary train station pick-up location on the North side of Durand Rd (across from Burgdorff Center) may be established to assist in commuter pick-ups and minimize traffic congestion.

Please plan for possible delays and temporary detours during the project.

Please refer to the Township webpage for parking and project updates.

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