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7 Clergymen on Newark Archdiocese List of ‘Credibly Accused’ Have South Orange, Maplewood, Short Hills Ties

Seven clergy members — 6 priests and 1 deacon — on a Archdiocese of Newark list of 63 “credibly accused” of sexual misconduct against minors have ties to Maplewood, South Orange and Short Hills.

The archdiocese did not reveal if any of the accusations against the seven pertain to their ministries in the three towns. In the case of two priests, Fr. Michael Walters and Fr. Richard Mieliwocki, the accusations come from their ministries in other parishes.

Under pressure to release information on clergy members who have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct against minors, the five Catholic dioceses of New Jersey today released a list of 188 priests and deacons. 

Among the five dioceses, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark (RCAN) released a list of 63 credibly accused clergyman. See the full RCAN list below. The other dioceses are Camden, Trenton, Paterson and Metuchen.

RCAN noted at the top of the list that it “is currently engaged in civil litigation as to certain claims of clergy sexual abuse of minors. None of the disclosures on this list pertain to any claim in active litigation. RCAN will amend or supplement this list as litigation matters conclude and/or investigations are completed so that the names of any clergy RCAN subsequently determines have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors are added.”

Credibly accused clergy who served either in parishes or schools in South Orange, Shorts Hills or Maplewood are listed as follows. The information released by RCAN does not specify when the clergymen served in their respective parishes and schools, nor does it detail the accusations or state where they were purported to take place. Village Green is reaching out to the RCAN spokesperson for further information.

  • William Giblin served at Seton Hall Prep in South Orange, as well as four New Jersey parishes. RCAN stated there is one accusation against Giblin. Giblin was born in 1932 and ordained in 1959. He is listed as deceased. (Though presently located in West Orange, Seton Hall Prep was located in South Orange from 1860 to 1985.)
  • Robert Gibney, born 1927, ordained 1954, is listed as having multiple accusations. During his years of ministry, Gibney served at Immaculate Conception Seminary, South Orange (a part of Seton Hall University), as well as multiple NJ parishes and at Overlook Hospital as chaplain. He is deceased.
  • Richard Mieliwocki, born 1946, ordained 1972, served at Our Lady of Sorrows in South Orange, among other stations. He is accused of multiple incidents (none at OLS; see this report). He is listed as “permanently removed from ministry/laicized.”
  • Deacon Thomas Mousley, ordained 1976, served at St. Joseph’s Church in Maplewood, among others. He has had one accusation against him. He has been “permanently removed from ministry.”
  • Michael O’Brien, born 1938, ordained 1977, served at St. Rose of Lima in Short Hills, among others. There is one credible accusation against him. He is deceased.
  • Robert Stauffer, born 1936, ordained 1964, served at St. Rose of Lima in Short Hills, among others. One accusation; permanently removed from ministry.
  • Michael M. Walters, born 1955, ordained 1981, served at Our Lady of Sorrows in South Orange, among other parishes and assignments. Multiple accusations; permanently removed from ministry (see more below).

Fr. Michael Walters [Archdiocese of Newark]
Fr. Michael Walters, who recently worked as an assistant pastor at Our Lady of Sorrows, was dismissed from that role in 2015. Walters was accused of two cases of molestation at a parish in Montclair. In a report from 2016, RCAN spokesman Jim Goodness and Sr. Judith Blair, the principal of OLS, said that Walters had had no role at the school nor contact with students through the school. Walters denied the allegations.

See Village Green’s report on Walters here:

Accused Priest Had No Role at Our Lady of Sorrows School, Says Principal

Download (PDF, 373KB)

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