Slow Food Northern NJ, Maplewood Loves Wellness Host Indoor Farmers’ Market

by The Village Green
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Slow Food Northern NJ and Maplewood Loves Wellness will sponsor the 8th annual “Local Harvest: Farms, Food and Family,” on Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015 from noon to 4 p.m. at The Woodland, 60 Woodland Rd., in Maplewood, NJ. This indoor market is an opportunity to meet local farmers and food artisans, and to stock up on the best of local, sustainably produced foods while supporting the growth of school and community vegetable gardens in low-income areas of northern New Jersey.

“If you want to support local businesses and eat healthily at the same time, shopping at a farmers’ market is the way to go,” said Julia Lawlor, chapter leader of Slow Food Northern NJ. “Once the outdoor farmers’ markets end in November, there is very little opportunity for people to buy directly from farmers, so we feel this market is filling a real need.”

Kathleen Leventhal, Deputy Mayor of Maplewood said: “Maplewood Loves Wellness is happy to partner with Slow Food Northern NJ. Providing people access to the freshest, highest-quality local produce and sustainably-raised meats is good for everyone’s health, good for the plant and helps struggling farmers to make ends meet. Come early to choose from the many holiday gifts available.”

In fact, Slow Food NNJ’s market at the Woodland last February was such a success that the chapter is planning a second market this winter on Feb. 7. At this year’s market, visitors can purchase seasonal vegetables, grass-fed beef, pastured pork, goat, lamb and poultry, eggs, cheese, breads, mushrooms and prepared foods from 20 local growers and producers.

On hand at the market: Grass-fed meats and pasture-raised poultry from Churutabis, Cherry Grove and Stryker farms; artisan cheese from Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse and Cherry Grove Farm; breads and baked goods from Apple Ridge Farms and Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse; vegetables, baked goods and prepared foods from Rogowski Farm and Black Dirt Gourmet; organic raw chocolate and fresh-pressed juices from Vita Organic Foods; coffee and tea from Jersey City microbatch coffee roaster modcup; root vegetables from Chickadee Creek Farm; honey and honey products from Tassot Apiaries; wild mushrooms from DiningWild; organic Greek olive oils and tapenades from Ev Eleon; and fresh artisanal pasta from Nicola’s Pasta Fresca. And much more!

Admission to the market is a $3 donation to support Slow Food Northern NJ’s school and community garden fund, which helps install organic vegetable gardens in low-income areas of northern NJ. A portion of the proceeds will also help fund the activities of Maplewood Loves Wellness.

Slow Food NNJ’s current projects include:

Jersey City: Gardens have been started and integrated into the curriculum of five preschools in the city serving low-income children and their families.

Newark: Slow Food Northern NJ is donating funds to the SWAG Project, which operates two organic vegetable gardens in the South Ward, partners with area schools and operates two farmers’ markets in the city.

Slow Food Northern New Jersey is one of more than 200 Slow Food chapters across the country. We support local farmers, ranchers and fishers. Our mission is to preserve regional food cultures and protect the environment by working to change the industrial food system, including the use of harmful genetically engineered crops, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Our motto is good, clean, and fair food for all.

GOOD: Our food should be tasty, seasonal, local, fresh and wholesome.

CLEAN: Our food should be produced in ways that preserve biodiversity, sustain the environment and ensure animal welfare, without harming human health.

FAIR: Our food should be affordable by all, while respecting the dignity of labor from field to fork.

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