Maplewood Introduces Ordinance to Limit Use of ‘Disposable Paper and Plastic Bags’

On August 7, the Maplewood Township Committee introduced Ordinance 2923-18, which aims “to reduce the use of disposable paper and plastic checkout bags by retail establishments in the Township of Maplewood” by “requiring retail establishments within the township of Maplewood to collect a pass through charge from customers requesting disposable paper and plastic checkout bags.”

The ordinance would include fines for retail shops that violated the ordinance ($50 for a first offense/$100 for a second offense and any thereafter; but a retail establishment would receive a warning first before any fine is assessed).

Plastic bags would not include any bags or containers that food or items are placed in before reaching point of sale.

Customers who show proof of being on a Federal or State food assistance program would be exempt from the charges.

Customers otherwise would be charged 10 cents per bag, with the retail establish retaining 3 cents and the remaining 7 cents being remitted to the Township.

See the full proposed ordinance below.

A hearing and vote on the ordinance is scheduled for the TC meeting on September 4.

A representative of Kings Supermarkets who was present at the August 7 TC meeting noted that she had received several concerned emails from corporate officials regarding the proposed ordinance. Mayor DeLuca assured her that Township officials would provide information to Kings and be available to communicate or meet with the Kings representatives before September 4.

Download (PDF, 78KB)

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