Travel to Bethlehem via Morrow Church’s ‘One Starry Night’

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Morrow Memorial Church is hosting “One Starry Night” on Satuday, Dec. 20 from 9 a.m. to noon. The event is a chance for children to learn the story of the birth of Jesus, through a fun and interactive experience.

Volunteers of Morrow Church will guide children age 4 through grade 5 through locations and join with them for games, crafts, music and fun. Parents can drop off the kids and have a morning of decorating or relaxing while the kids live a morning in ancient Bethlehem.

There are still spaces available. Sign up on the Morrow Church website. There is a suggested – not required – donation of $10 per family. For questions, please call Rev. Brenda Wheeler Ehlers: 973-202-2615.

Learn more about what the event entails, from Rev. Brenda:

“Psst. The basket weaver told me a weird story about shepherds in town last night and the innkeeper feels terrible that a baby was born in her stable last night. Last night was strange.”

Download (PDF, 3.94MB)

Walking through the streets of Bethlehem, children will hear conversations like these as they meet people that will help them understand the Christmas story in new and vivid ways.

Here is some of what they will experience as a townspeople take them around Bethlehem in groups throughout the morning:

At the city gates census takers will have them sign their names in Hebrew and learn why Mary and Joseph made the long trek to Bethlehem. They will visit the inn, enjoy a middle-eastern snack and hear from the innkeeper why and how Mary and Joseph ended up in a stable. They will visit the city square and join in some traditional Israeli songs and dances.

They will stop by shepherds hill, hear from the shepherds about their strange visit from angels and play games that the shepherds played to pass the long nights out in the fields. They will visit the Marketplace and assist merchants with metal artwork, oil lamps musical instruments, baskets, wooden and one of the royal assistants will tell them about Herod’s kingdom as they make gifts to share.

They’ll go to the stable to visit Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and hear first-hand from them about that One Starry Night!


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