Coalition on Race Announces 2015 Civic Engagement Institute

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From the South Orange Maplewood Community Coalition on Race:

The 2015 Civic Engagement Institute
Note new dates! Saturdays, October 24, 31 and November 7, 14 from 9:15-12:30
The South Orange Public Library

CEI-Flyer-Final-2015 CCR Civic Engagement Insitute

We’ve designed a series of workshops geared to people who want to know more about what it means to be a volunteer, how to assess their own skills and interests, what opportunities exist in our community, how organizations and governments are structured, and more. Sessions are free and open to all residents.

Participation in school, civic, governmental and business organizations by people of all races and persuasions is a necessary condition for a truly inclusive, racially integrated community.  Our quality of life is improved by the innovative solutions, shared responsibility, expanded talent pool and increased sense of a united community that results from full engagement of all groups.

Participants will receive specialized volunteer training that they can apply to a variety of volunteer and leadership roles across the community. The training and educational workshops incorporate presentations by local professionals and leaders, case studies, group discussions, skills assessment tools, and interactive techniques. The workshops will consist of four three-hour sessions that include:

  • Personality Profile & Analysis by a Licensed Psychologist
  • Time Management & Productivity Tips from a Professional Organizer
  • Group Dynamics Training & Exercises
  • Presentations on Local Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in signing up, fill out the Contact Us form on this website or call 973-761-6116 for more information.

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