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Maplewood Village’s Best-Kept Parking ‘Secret’

Map of parking in Maplewood Village
Map of parking in Maplewood Village

Although it’s been free and available to the public for months now, the municipal parking lot at 60 Woodland (site of recently renamed “The Woodland”) in Maplewood Village still seems to be off the radar for many folks.

More than 30, free, 2-hour spaces are available in the lot — aka Municipal Lot #3 — at the former Woman’s Club property.

The lot always seems to have plenty of parking available (although perhaps not for much longer, once the word gets out!)

Eventually, the town plans to join the Woodland lot with the Highland Place lot adjacent to it, which will make getting around downtown Maplewood that much easier and hassle-free.

For more information and maps on where to park for free in Maplewood Village, visit the Maplewood Village Alliance website.

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