Introducing Illuminate Food – A New and Unique Option to Get Food from Local Farms and Merchants Delivered to Your Door

by Illuminate Food
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From Illuminate Food

Illuminate Food, a new business committed to delivering the best from local farms and merchants, is ready to accept your orders.

The company’s mission is to deliver each week a box filled with the freshest seasonal produce from local farms along with other products specially selected to prepare an easy-to-follow recipe, as well as high-quality staples such as milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, bread and other specialty add-on items like coffee, baked goods, meat and fish. 

“I launched the business at the start of the pandemic to deliver fresh food that was no longer going to restaurants and schools and serve people who were stuck at home,” says Danielle Schwab, the founder of Illuminate Food and a graduate of Columbia High School. “What started as a response to the crisis has evolved into a business to allow consumers to enjoy the freshest food from farmers and merchants in their area while helping these local businesses.”

Illuminate Food is also committed to enabling consumers to learn more about where their food comes from and the value of local farmers who follow sound agricultural practices that do not harm the environment and foster a growing movement toward supporting local and eating seasonally. “Often times we forget that we live in the Garden State and so much produce does grow here, but the issue ends up being distribution on how to get it from the farm to people. 

Danielle believes that as much as people may want to buy seasonal produce, if they aren’t familiar with certain vegetables or know how to cook them, they won’t enjoy it. This is why she has made including recipes and working with chefs a part of her service.

For example, she recently delivered all the ingredients to make an asparagus and English pea galette, and another week she included miso to make this Sushi Rice Bowl with rice that came from Blue Acres Farm in Pennington, NJ. Illuminate Food also hosts a Facebook Community group where members can share recipes and photos with each other of things they made from this week’s box.

Here’s how it works: Each week customers sign up for delivery on the website, where there is a subscription option for weekly delivery or just the one time purchase. The box includes 8-10 seasonal produce items, plus milk, eggs, cheese/yogurt, fresh bread from Liv’s in Millburn and two specialty items often related to the recipe of the week. Boxes are delivered to your door every Wednesday afternoon, in crates that are reused the following week. 

You can see what was in last week’s box here.

Order today and use her code for first-time buyers for $10 off!: illuminateyourplate.


Danielle Schwab

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