‘Hannibal the Great’ Book Reading at South Orange Library Oct 13

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The following is from Proteus Films:

Ken Sibanda

Ken Sibanda, writer and movie director, is set to read from his graphic novel ‘Hannibal the Great,’ at South Orange Public Library on October 13. The reading is a tie-in to the mini-series in production also entitled “Hannibal the Great.” The mini-series, which is in the tradition of Spartacus and Shogun (starring Richard Chamberlain), will air in 2018 and stars Gary Anthony Sturgis as Hannibal Barca.

Mr. Sibanda is the author of the popular science fiction novel The Return to Gibraltar. A trained attorney who graduated from University of London as a lawyer, Sibanda has penned numerous books, both fiction and non-fiction.

‘Hannibal the Great,’ whose longline is ‘before there was war there was Hannibal,’ tells the story of Hannibal Barca’s 16 year sojourn in Italy from the Northern parts. The reading will be held on October 13, between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

The South Orange Public Library is located at 65 Scotland Rd, South Orange, NJ.

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