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Keeping It Clean at Maplewoodstock


The organizers of Maplewood’s signature arts and music festival Maplewoodstock are asking attendees today to take special care to clean up after themselves. This message was posted on the Maplewoodstock Facebook page last night:

Folks it was an incredible day start to finish. Seeing 5,000 people dancing together like we did tonight makes us all realize just how special this event is.

But what is not special is having to spend an hour walking around the park cleaning up trash because too many of you decided to leave without doing it yourselves.

Please respect Maplewoodstock. Respect the town. Respect the community and please do show us that respect by ensuring that when you leave the park tomorrow, you’ve thrown your own trash away.

Yes, we will do it if you don’t.

But please do it so we don’t have to.

Thanks in advance.

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