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Davis Ford Wishes Collum Success in 2nd Term; SOForward Slate Congratulates Zuckerman, Jones & Coallier

The following is from the South Orange Forward slate of Deborah Davis Ford, Matt Wonski, Stacey Trimble Borden and Ed Grossi. Davis Ford, who has served for 12 years on the South Orange Village Board of Trustees, lost her bid for South Orange Village President to Sheena Collum on Tuesday; Wonski, Borden and Grossi lost their bids for seat on the Board of Trustees to Bob Zuckerman, Summer Jones and Donna Coallier.

Matt Wonski, Stacey Trimble Borden, Deborah Davis Ford and Ed Grossi

Although the election results did not turn out the way we had hoped, Deborah Davis Ford and her line are happy that they brought significant attention to issues facing South Orange residents and homeowners today. We hope the fire department will finally have a seat at the table in any talks regarding consolidation of services for the safety of our residents and their families. And that the development promises made during the campaign yield new business instead of empty store fronts.

Trustee Davis Ford said in her concession speech last evening, “I’m not going away,” signaling her ongoing commitment for active engagement in her beloved village. She wishes Sheena Collum success in her second term as Village President of South Orange.

Trustee candidates Matt Wonski, Ed Grossi, and Stacey Trimble from the South Orange Forward team congratulate Ms. Coallier, Ms. Jones, and Mr. Zuckerman on their win and their willingness to step up to the challenge of these elected positions. We wish them well and thank them for their commitment to leadership.

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