Kerns: Mazzocchi’s Innovation and Creativity will Tackle Achievement Gap

Anthony Mazzocchi (credit Rob Davidson)

As a layperson, every time there is a Board of Education election I struggle to decide which candidate gets my vote. I don’t believe I am alone, by the way, as evidenced by the low voter turnout during off year elections. However, I read the op-eds and try to understand as best as I can the positions of each candidate and decide which ones either align with my beliefs and concerns, or have opened my mind to other ideas. Anthony Mazzocchi has accomplished both.

While we need to continue to focus on the district’s ever present financial concerns, our district also continues to face the appalling and consistent achievement and opportunity gaps. Based on recent published data it is obvious that the previous efforts to address these gaps have not shown the desired results.

Policies that increase integration among all of our district’s demographics is imperative and I applaud all of the candidates who have put forth ideas with this goal in mind. Many candidates also call for creating different opportunities for not only where our children learn, but how they learn as well. Mr. Mazzocchi’s campaign of innovation and creativity does just that.

Integrating social and emotional learning techniques while instilling the disciplines required to learn and understand the arts is, in my opinion, an innovative and creative approach for greater academic and social achievement. I’m not a pedagogical expert, by any means. However, I truly believe that combining academic, emotional and humanitarian achievement is imperative if we are to close the gaps that continue to plague our district.

This is why I am voting for Anthony Mazzocchi.

Tom Kerns

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