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Ben Salmon Endorses Bob Zuckerman, Line C for South Orange Board of Trustees

To the Editors:

Bob Zuckerman has exactly the qualities and experience we need most on the South Orange Board of Trustees right now.

As a former South Orange retailer and Vice Chair of the South Orange Village Center Alliance, I have worked with Bob Zuckerman professionally for years. And as a neighbor, I’ve gotten to know him personally and have a strong read on his character.

Solution-oriented, Bob is an excellent problem solver, consensus builder and places value on developing strong, long-term relationships. He is intelligent, driven, passionate and understands the importance of listening. He is able to present his viewpoint and disagree with others without being disagreeable.

Bob would go into the BOT with less of a learning curve than any other candidate and with his experience, he’d be able to make a bigger difference on a faster timeline than others. Having worked with village staff and trustees and sat on countless committees, he’d be able to hit the road running, both from an action-oriented perspective and from an understanding of the nuance of South Orange-specific policy and history.

Our downtown is the heart of our Village and a pivotal piece of what makes South Orange special and desirable. It needs both attention and resources from the BOT. There is no one who understand the push and pull of the forces at play and is better equipped to advocate for our Village Center on the BOT than Bob Zuckerman.

Fortunately for South Orange residents, Bob is both a specialist and a generalist, whose perspective would be an asset on all subject matters of policy and execution relevant to our municipal functions. While I do not know his running mates Donna Coallier and Summer Jones, I truly trust and respect his judgement and will be strongly considering them as I vote for Bob Zuckerman on May 14th.

Ben Salmon, South Orange

(Ben Salmon is the former owner Kitchen a la Mode, and former Secretary, Vice Chair and founding member of the South Orange Village Center Alliance.)

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