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Letter to the Editor: In Crowded Field for BOE, Smith Stands Out

To the Editor:

Donna Smith stands out in the crowded field of BOE candidates. She has a long and continuous history of service to SOMA schools. She knows our past and has a vision for our future. Donna is level-headed, reasonable, practical, thoughtful, and hard- working. Most importantly, Donna has demonstrated a fierce, consistent, commitment to improving the educational experience of all of our students.

Donna has volunteered in our schools for over 20 years. She has held numerous leadership roles while shepherding her three children through our district. She successfully ran for the BOE in 2014 demonstrating a deep understanding of the K-12 changes necessary to ensure that a robust curriculum develops the foundational skills necessary for students to succeed in honors and AP classes.

Donna Smith

While on the Board, Donna has proactively tackled the hard issues of overcrowded schools and inadequate state educational funding with creative thinking and strong fiscal oversight. Her legal background and natural compassion couple, ensuring that the focus remains on the students while also considering the taxpayer.

Donna has supported and championed the transformative Access and Equity Policy which empowers students to choose the courses they take. She has fought to ensure that struggling learners and gifted students alike receive the supports they need to succeed. She envisions and is working toward a future with increased individualized learning that suits our diverse student body.

Please learn more at Donnasmith2017.com and join me in voting for Donna Smith for BOE on November 7th.

Sabine Hack
South Orange

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