‘Life is Beautiful’ — NY Times Reviews Able Baker and It’s a Rave

by The Village Green
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The New York Times has found more dining gold in Maplewood (previous finds include Lorena’s, Arturo’s, Abril Cocina) with a review today of The Able Baker by local writer Fran Schumer.

You know it’s going to be good review when Schumer begin like this: “I fell in love with Julie’s scone the minute I tasted it. It was hard on the outside, soft on the inside, not excessively sweet but shamefully rich,” and ends like this: “But it’s not just Able Baker’s scones that exert such a magnetic pull on me: It’s the mood. From the moment you walk in the door, life is beautiful.”

Schumer recounts the history of Able Baker, from Thomas and Julie Pauly losing their jobs in the aftermath of the financial crisis, to their successful catering business, to their storefront opening, to their recent expansion.

The kicker comes at the end, making this the rave to end all raves:

“What We Liked All scones, even the gluten-free ones; all cookies, especially espresso shortbread half dipped in chocolate; all cakes, especially golden with chocolate buttercream; all pies, even oddities like buttermilk and maple buttermilk.”

Read the full story/review here.


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