Blog: Using Towels and Linens to Enhance Your Home’s Visual Appeal

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Fourth in a series of four articles to prepare your home for the Spring Market.

The Spring Market is in full bloom!  This past February we provided practical staging tips for those who were interested in preparing their homes for the spring market. We encouraged those motivated sellers to declutter, fix those cracks, paint and reducing excess furniture and photos. How did you do with addressing those necessary changes?   What colors did you decide upon for that accent wall? You should have a real estate agent lined up already who will continue to provide sound advice for your home staging appearance.

Our final tips for you are quite simple, and may require a few dollars, but it will be money well spent, which could enhance your home’s appearance and value.

New kitchen towels convey cleanliness and add color to the space.

New kitchen towels convey cleanliness and add color to the space.

We all have our favorite towels, and they are used every day. Potential buyers are always interested in seeing the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom; having new linens and towels are a simple way to enhance the room’s visual appeal.

Having fresh, fluffy, white towels displayed in the bathroom will convey spa-like luxury. Be sure to store these new towels away, and swap them with your every day towels when you have a home viewing or an open house. That also goes for the kitchen towels.

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home so of course the clean-up towel is in arms reach. Just have a brand new towel on hand, which will suggest cleanliness without the stains and provide an accent of brightness to the space.

Linens are another way to showcase the room. Having crisp linens will make the bedroom feel new and comforting. Again, those linens and blankets should be stored away until needed.

We have suggested what to do for home staging, but here are a few tips of what not to do:

  • Avoid putting out fragrant flowers or candles, and even baking when prospective buyers are viewing your home. What may be an aromatic smell for you could trigger allergies for another person.
  • You also do not always have to put out your fine dining plates on tables. Think of accenting tables with pairs of three. The principle of three provides a visual interest, and it doesn’t have to be the same item. You can also use the principle of three in setting up furniture, for example two chair and a table.
  • Remember, the towels and linens you purchased and displayed in your home during showings and open house can be used in your new home when you move.   A win-win!

Robert Northfield is a top real estate expert in the Maplewood, Milburn, Short Hills, South Orange, West Orange, Montclair areas and surrounding towns at KW MidTown Direct.

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