Issue 3 of the Pollock Journal Hits Mailboxes This Weekend

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From Vanessa Pollock

Pollock Journal: Where the Wild Things Are


Dear Neighbors,

Spring is right around the corner and we are all waiting & watching for nature come to life, wild with fresh beauty. The idea of something “wild” conjures lots of images, but the definition might surprise you: The definition of wild is “a natural state, not cultivated, free, untamed, unbroken, led by the heart”. In our area of the “Garden State”, there is something particularly beautiful about our gardens and the South Mountain reservation, just as everything begins to bloom and right before it has been manicured and tamed. I think about people like that – who are we at our “wildest” – not the typical definition of wild, which might bring up images of acting crazy or recklessness, but wild in our most natural state. Who were we when we first “bloomed” and how can we honor that in our lives? I personally have recently (re)realized that I honor my wild self when I focus on being creative in everything I do. I bring creativity into my real estate business with our design, strategy & marketing, and I also bring creativity to my health & wellness practices of yoga (thank you Paige Faure, repeat author in this issue) & through dance (thank you Lydia Johnson School of Dance!). All of this helps me to feel more connected and grounded every day.

So, in this third issue of the Pollock Journal, which hits Maplewood and South Orange mailboxes this weekend inserted into Matters Magazine (be sure to look for it!), we will feature the many ways we have seen the “wild” in our community. You will meet a floral shop owner Josi & peek inside her gorgeous new shop Wildly, hear from yogi Paige Faure and see some of our favorite yoga studios, meet the two composters behind Java’s Compost, enjoy the young gardening of local students, plus more from a traveler, a Mom, a surfer, a wild mushroom forager (with a Fox & Falcon mushroom recipe to boot!) and more. Oh, and of course, in this issue we are excited to share just how WILD the real estate market has been in the last year or so. 

I hope that this issue inspires you to be led by the heart, as we all learn from each other, from nature & from the wilderness around us. Now more than ever, I hope our community feels free to be “where the wild things are”, meaning that we are a community of people, true to ourselves and each other, each (re)discovering our missions and callings, while supporting each other through this wild life. Because when we are all our wildest selves, living within the giftings we were given by our creator, we become the best version of ourselves. And in the end, no one can be a better you than you, and you are just what the world needs! I hope you enjoy this issue – don’t forget to look inside Matters Magazine for it & thank you for reading!

With love and gratitude, 

Vanessa Pollock

REALTOR/Sales Associate

Pollock Properties Group of Keller Williams Premier Properties 



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