Former Maplewood Elected Officials Endorse Adams & Cripe for Township Committee

by The Village Green
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From the Adams & Cripe campaign:

As Women’s History Month 2021 comes to a close, it is fitting to announce the endorsement of the first all-women team since 2002 running for two seats on the Maplewood Township Committee.

Former Mayor Ellen Davenport, former Deputy Mayor Kathy Leventhal, former Vice Mayor Celia King, and former Township Committeewoman India Larrier have all come out with statements endorsing Nancy Adams and Jamaine Cripe. The campaign team is grateful for the endorsements!

“It is with great pleasure that I give my endorsement to Nancy Adams and Jamaine Cripe for election to the Maplewood Township Committee,” says former Mayor Davenport.  “Nancy brings a wealth of experience to this office and an ability to listen to the community.  Jamaine’s active role as a volunteer gives her a much needed viewpoint of our community.” She continued, “There is much to be done as we come out of the pandemic that Nancy and Jamaine can provide: support for the small businesses that are the mainstay of Maplewood, encouragement for our parents, children and teachers as they re-start the educational process and leadership as Maplewood adjusts to the post-pandemic fiscal world. They are a good team and will serve Maplewood well.”

Former Deputy Mayor Kathy Leventhal offered, “Nancy is my friend.  I know well her integrity, drive and caring. Jamaine and I met briefly years ago. Her qualities of vitality, humor, and her choice of priorities are even more evident to me now. Nancy and Jamaine offer Maplewoodians what we need – an emphasis on the environment, equity, families, businesses and common-sense development.” Ms. Leventhal added, “Especially during Women’s History Month, I’m proud to say that these women will lead with the power and caring our community needs. With Nancy and Jamaine on the Township Committee, Maplewood will be represented with the spirit and work of proven experience and new energy!”

“As a community we have been very lucky to have Nancy Adams represent our voices and interests,” offered former Vice Mayor Celia King. “Her commitment is strong, and she has proven her capability for the past 5+ years.  I fully endorse Nancy Adams in her bid for the Township Committee. I know Nancy as a strong and positive woman who is committed to continuing the economic growth and development in Maplewood.  She knows what works for her community and constituents.  I am enthusiastic about the prospect of her continued work as our representative.” Ms. King said, “Jamaine Cripe who is running alongside Nancy for Township Committee is an ideal addition to the Township Committee.  Her volunteer work in the community provides a great foundation in preparing her to serve the Maplewood Community. I endorse her candidacy and look forward to her contributions as a Township Committee member.”

Finally, former Township Committeewoman India Larrier, who served with Nancy Adams said, “During my years working with Nancy as a Township Committee member, I saw the integrity she brings to the position.  Her passion for and commitment to Maplewood and its residents is unwavering.  She is “all-in” regarding the environment and equity and keeps our township honest regarding these issues. Her desire to work through disagreement toward mutual understanding and collaboration is an ingrained part of her.  These characteristics are what I saw shine brightly while serving with her.  I believe she and Jamaine will continue this vital work and best serve our great Township’s interests.”

The Adams-Cripe campaign is grateful to these strong Maplewood leaders for taking the time to contribute their endorsements and for their deep support!

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