LETTER: Cuttle Has the Passion and Drive to Push SOMSD Forward

by Kathy Leventhal
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Five candidates are vying for three seats on the 9-member South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education on November 2, 2021: Shannon Cuttle (incumbent), William RodriguezQawi TelesfordArun Vadlamani and Kaitlin Wittleder. Terms are for three years. 

Shannon Cuttle

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, November 2nd, I am voting for my friend, Shannon Cuttle.  We are very fortunate here in Maplewood and South Orange to have them wanting to continue their service on our school district’s Board of Education. 

Considering the issues we,as a community are concerned about, I’m urging you to join me in re-electing Shannon in order to continue the forward movement begun in the district.

During Shannon’s first term on the Board, their dedication and focus with a student lens on addressing systemic challenges at every level, for our students and their families, took priority. Shannon’s commitment, expertise and thoughtful leadership brought us advances in student achievement and excellence, in student health and wellness, in access and equity at all levels, and in launching our much needed Long Range Facilities Plan.

Shannon’s passion for empowering student leaders and creating welcoming schools is dedicated not only to our community, but add their work with the county, state and even nation on education policy and inclusion to grasp Shannon’s exceptionally intelligent leadership. 

The urgency to re-electing Shannon is critical at the pivotal time we are in, as a district and community.  We need proven leadership like Shannon to help continue to steer us ahead.

Please join me in voting for CUTTLE, Line 4F in moving us forward together!


Kathy Leventhal
Past Deputy Mayor, Maplewood
Past Board of School Estimate, SOMSD 

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