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PHOTOS: Maplewood Woman Flags Down Fire Engine, Thanks Firefighter Who Saved Her Life

Here’s a heartwarming Holiday story: On New Year’s Eve, Maplewood resident Arlene Knight flagged down a passing fire engine to thank firefighters for saving her life in a fire in September. It turns out that the firefighter responsible for her rescue — Connor Hamilton — was on the truck.

Hamilton and Maplewood police officers Rob Smith and James DeFazio had carried Knight unconscious from her home in a fire that left 14 people homeless last September 11 (read about the fire here).

According to the Maplewood FMBA Facebook page, Knight became “overwhelmed with emotion” upon realizing that Hamilton was her “angel.”

Read the News12 New Jersey’s report here.

Read The Maplewood NJ FMBA L-25 Facebook post here: 

This morning, members of Tour 2, Engine 32, were on a Company Detail when they were flagged down by this resident. She wanted to personally show her appreciation for the MFD for saving her life by rescuing her from a fire in the early morning hours of September 11, 2018. Little did she know that one of the members on the Engine, FF Hamilton who is pictured, was directly involved in rescuing her from the fire (along with two members of the Maplewood PD Rob Smith and James DeFazio). Realizing that stopping the Engine by chance lead to her meeting one of her rescuers, she became overwhelmed with emotion leading to a five-minute emotional embrace with FF Hamilton. FF Hamilton will forever be her Angel. It’s moments like this that remind us why we answer this calling.

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