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Vehicle Overturns in Collision at Prospect & Oakview in Maplewood, No Life-Threatening Injuries

Three people were taken to nearby hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries after a driver tried to cross Prospect Street and was struck by oncoming traffic early this evening.

“Vehicle 1 was traveling east bound on Oakview Avenue and stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of Oakview and Prospect,” Acting Chief Jim DeVaul told Village Green. “Vehicle 1 then entered the roadway believing that she had enough time to cross the roadway and entered the intersection. Vehicle 2 was traveling northbound on Prospect Street (had the right of way) and struck Vehicle 1 on the [passenger]’s side door causing Vehicle 1 to overturn and land on its driver’s side. Vehicle 1 slid to a rest, ultimately stopping on the east side of the Oakview Avenue corner.”

DeVaul reported, “Due to the collision Vehicle 2 then rolled back into the front bushes of 621 Prospect Street and out of the roadway.”

Fortunately, neither the driver crossing Propsect nor the driver and passenger in the oncoming vehicle that hit the crossing vehicle were severely injured. DeVaul said, “The driver Vehicle 1 was transported to Overlook Hospital for back pain by South Orange Rescue Squad and the driver and passenger in Vehicle 2 were transported to St. Barnabas for back and head evaluations (non life threatening).”

The driver in “Vehicle 1” received a careless driving summons, according to DeVaul. He also noted that both vehicles had to be towed from the scene.

Prospect Street was closed off in both directions causing traffic to be diverted to Summit and Valley. The street is now reopened to traffic.

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