Columbia High School Looks to Hold Annual ‘Grads Return’ Virtually In Mid-January

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Editor’s note: see coverage of previous Grads Return here, here and here.

From Columbia High School Principal Frank Sanchez:

For more than ten years, Columbia High School students have been fortunate to meet with alumni in a program called GRADS RETURN thanks to the hard work of the program’s founder, Mr. Tumolillo. Last year, we were able to run it again with the hard work of our partner, the CHS H&SA. This year we will be working with the H&SA again to offer the program virtually to all Juniors and Seniors.

For all CHS alumni:

We want you to pick three sessions to attend in January so we want your opinion to help us plan the event. We hope to run it virtually on January 14th. Right now we are brainstorming types of panels and we want to gauge your interest. Click here to find panel suggestions clustered by themes. Just indicate whether you would be interested or not in attending those panels. If there is a panel you would like to see, but we have not mentioned it, then please complete the suggestion section.

For more information or questions, feel free to write to our great H&SA advisors who are leading the effort this year at

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