Letter: BOE Candidate Adamson Would Bring Openness, Effective Communication

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Susie Adamson

Susie Adamson

To the Editor:

We write in support of Susie Adamson for the Board of Education.

This is a challenging time for our district. We face persistent, deepening budget pressures and significant turnover within our district administration and teaching ranks. The Board members we elect this November will need to make tough choices and provide the leadership necessary to ensure this community’s expectations are met for every child.

We have known Susie Adamson for over a decade. Throughout her time in Maplewood and South Orange, she has demonstrated her dedication and leadership through extensive volunteer work in our PTAs and in our community. We observed the time and energy she invested as PTA President at Seth Boyden and know the extent of her continued efforts to serve children throughout the district. And, as a local realtor, her professional life is also focused on these towns. We can’t think of anyone more committed to the welfare of our community and our kids.

In addition to her engagement, what makes Susie such a strong leader is her openness to respecting differing points of view, to considering innovative ideas, and to recognizing that our schools must be centered on common education values while serving many different educational needs. Given her experience, she understands that we must do better for all students regardless of whether they are struggling or gifted; find their passion in the arts, STEM, or anywhere else; or have many family resources or few.

And from her openness comes a fundamental commitment to more effective communication between parents, administrators, teachers, and board members. Only though working together – as her slogan suggests, one District, 100% — can we ensure our programs and budget match our priorities, our finite resources are invested wisely, and our schools are best positioned to serve all of our students.

We urge you vote for Susie Adamson for the South Orange Maplewood Board of Education on November 8.

Crystal and Tim Glynn

South Orange

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