Letter: Tony Mazzocchi Will Bring Arts, Creativity Into School System

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To the Editors:

I wanted to reach out and extend my endorsement of Tony Mazzocchi for a seat on the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education.

I moved to Maplewood with my family three years ago and, since day one, finding people who support arts and creativity in our communities and in our schools has been one of my highest priorities. So much so that I decided to start Maplewood Artist Collective where we try and create events nurtured for young, creative minds, much like our Peace Protest Sign Paintings this summer in Memorial Park.

Over the last three years, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Tony. His dedication to heighten our children’s access to creative, robust arts education, and I’ve been lucky enough to learn about all his involvement in enriching young minds though his years in community service.

Indeed, Tony is someone I champion and try and mold myself after! For nothing could be more sacred to me than bringing arts and creativity into our school system and broadening our children’s access to creativity inside the classroom.

I strongly endorse Tony Mazzocchi for a seat on the Board of Education, knowing he brings smarts, leadership, knowledge and passion to his role, paving the way for arts and creativity in our towns and helping our children thrive.

Benny Campa
Member, Maplewood Arts Council
Founder, Maplewood Artist Collective

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