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Millburn Police and Schools Investigating Anonymous Letter Sent to Elementary School Parents

The Millburn Public School District is cooperating with Millburn Police detectives in investigating an anonymous letter sent to numerous parents of elementary school children alleging sexual abuse at Glenwood School.

The anonymous letter contained vague allegations of sexual abuse at Glenwood Elementary School and urged parents to have their children examined by a hospital outside of the community for signs of abuse rather “than make useless inquiries.”

Millburn Police Captain Michael Mulligan reported that, as of Friday, March 16, the police department had received 40 letters turned in by residents.

The identical letters were addressed only to the fathers of students at the school and postmarked from two different states outside of New Jersey.

“The letter immediately set off alarm bells,” said the mother of a third-grade boy whose family received one of the letters. The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, is more concerned by the letter itself than the allegations within. “Of course, the allegations are disturbing; we expect they will be investigated. More importantly, someone went to a lot of trouble to do this. They researched our families, found our addresses, printed everything out. And this before going to two states to mail them,” she continued. “Think about your holiday cards, and how much time they take — this took time. What else will they take the time to do?”

She and other parents have been trying to piece together if they might know who the author of the letter might be. “We’ve been racking our brains because we’re getting no information from the school or the police,” she said. “I don’t need to know every detail of the case; I’m not a cop. But I do need to know what they are going to do to keep my kid safe at school. This person knows my home address for goodness sake!”

Monday night, Millburn Township Schools Superintendent Dr. Christine Burton issued a statement reassuring parents of the district’s dedication to the safety of its students and its cooperation with the authorities in the matter, as well as a review of security procedures with all staff.

Thursday night, Dr. Burton issued a follow-up statement advising parents that the investigation into the letter is ongoing by the Millburn Detective Bureau and for the time being there will be increased patrols in the area near the school, with police officers present on campus as a precaution at the elementary school.

The Millburn Police Department has requested that anyone who receives a letter  (out-of-state postmark/printed mailing label) should bring it to the Police Department, unopened, in a bag, with minimal handling.

“This is an active investigation, and all aspects of the letter are being looked at as well as who sent them,” Mulligan told Village Green.

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