SOMA Women in Business — Reesa Salomon, SOMA Speech Language Pathologist

Last fall, Matters Magazine cel­ebrated women in the South Orange-Maplewood business community with a feature spread on “Women in Business.” These women represent a range of  professions – from architecture and beauty to speech pathology and financial services. In all, 26 women-owned businesses are profiled. See the original Matters Magazine feature here.

Village Green has partnered with Matters Magazine to give these local women entrepreneurs a digital platform and is posting each profile individually on our website during the month of March — Women’s History Month. Today, we celebrate:

Reesa Salomon, SOMA Speech Language Pathologist

Reesa Salomon, SOMASLP, Speech Language Pathology. Photo credit: Jamie Meier.

Why I do what I do
Communication is such a powerful tool and it’s the way that people connect with one another. I love being able to help my students – babies through teens – make lifelong connections in a variety of ways.

My favorite moments in my business
I find it rewarding to see children making connections, watching them being able to connect with their families, and the look on a mother’s face when she tells me that her child started saying “mama.”

How I network with other women
When I first moved to Maplewood as a young mother and business owner, I connected with moms through Mothers and More. As my business has grown, I’ve become a resource to local moms. I partner with parents and child-care providers to find the best ways to support their children while collaborating with women business owners in related fields on ways to best serve the population I work with.


18 Berkshire Road, Maplewood

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