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DeLuca to Serve 12th Year as Maplewood Mayor; Adams Chosen Again as Deputy

The Democratic Party members of the Maplewood Township Committee met in a public political caucus at the conclusion of the December 6 Township Committee meeting.

The members nominated Vic DeLuca to be Mayor for his twelfth year, and also nominated Nancy Adams again as Deputy Mayor. Township Committee appointments for 2017 also were chosen.

The appointments will be officially voted on at the January 1, 2017 reorganization meeting.

Here is the full list:

2017 Township Committee

Mayor: Victor De Luca

Deputy Mayor: Nancy Adams

Board of Health President: India Larrier

Board of School Estimate: Victor De Luca, Greg Lembrich, Frank McGehee, India Larrier (Alternate)

Joint Meeting of Essex and Union Counties: Victor De Luca


Code Enforcement:                 India R. Larrier, Victor De Luca, Nancy Adams

Communications:                    Greg Lembrich, India R. Larrier, Frank McGehee

Economic Development:         Victor De Luca, Nancy Adams, Greg Lembrich

Engineering, Public Works & Planning      Nancy Adams, Victor De Luca

Finance:                                   Victor De Luca, Frank McGehee

Public Safety:                          Greg Lembrich, Victor De Luca, India R. Larrier

Recreation & Human Services          Frank McGehee, Greg Lembrich, India R. Larrier



Affordable Housing:                                       Victor De Luca

Arts Council:                                                     Victor De Luca

Board of Education & Two Towns:               Victor De Luca, Greg Lembrich

Burgdorff Board of Trustees:                         Victor De Luca

Community Coalition on Race:                     Frank McGehee

Community Garden:                                        Victor De Luca

Drug Alliance:                                                   India R. Larrier

Durand-Hedden:                                               Victor De Luca

Environmental Advisory:                               Frank McGehee

Fire Department Shared Services:                Victor De Luca, Frank McGehee

First Night:                                                       Frank McGehee

Green Team:                                                   Frank McGehee

Historic Preservation:                                     India R. Larrier

Holocaust Remembrance:                               Victor De Luca

Local Assistance Board:                                 India R. Larrier

Office of Emergency Management:                Victor De Luca, India R. Larrier

Open Space Trust Advisory:                         Nancy Adams

Planning Board:                                               Nancy Adams

Recreation Advisory:                                      Greg Lembrich

Senior Citizen Advisory Committee:             India R. Larrier

SOMA TV:                                                     Victor De Luca

Springfield Avenue SID:                                 Victor De Luca

Sustainability Committee:                              Victor De Luca, Frank McGehee

Swimming Pool Advisory:                             Greg Lembrich

Village Alliance SID:                                       Nancy Adams

YouthNet:                                                       Frank McGehee

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