Maplewood TC Passes Post House Tax Abatement Transfer 5-0

by The Village Green
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The Maplewood Township Committee passed a resolution approving the transfer of a 5-year tax abatement agreement (PILOT) from Maplewood Redevelopers, LLC to JMF Maplewood LLC and Gladstone of Maplewood LLC.

The vote followed the closing on the property earlier today, which officially makes JMF and Gladstone the new owners.

The unanimous vote at Monday night’s TC meeting came after a public hearing that saw just one speaker: David Huemer asked the TC to table the vote and reconsider the transfer in light of the fact that, since the PILOT was originally approved, JMF had sold part of the deal to Gladstone, and, he felt, therefore no longer needed the tax abatement.

Read more about the transfer, the closing of the deal earlier Monday, and the next steps for the project, which still requires final approval by the Planning Board.


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