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April 6: Maplewood Reports 2nd COVID-19-Related Death, 16 More Diagnoses for 97 Total Cases

An update from Maplewood Mayor Frank McGehee on April 6, 2020:

Good Evening,

I am saddened to inform you that we have lost another member of our community today. They were 84 years old. On behalf of our Maplewood Township Committee, please join my colleagues and I in praying for the family at this time.

The Maplewood Public Health Division now has a total of 97 coronavirus COVID-19 cases including today’s death and the one previously reported. The 16 new cases range from 30 to 90 years of age. The Public Health Division investigates and works to obtain the recent contact history for the new cases, including contacting anyone who has potentially been exposed.

The NJ Department of Health has reported 41,090 confirmed cases in the state of New Jersey which includes 4,493 in Essex County.

COVID-19 resources:

If you have received a positive confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 from your healthcare provider but have not heard from our Public Health Division in 24 hours of your diagnosis, please call the Maplewood Public Health Division at (973) 762-8120.

The Importance of Social Distancing

Although it is important for us all to make a conscious effort to get fresh air and physical exercise to help our mental health and overall balance, it is equally important for us to practice social distancing in public spaces, especially in our parks.

It is not OK to play soccer pickup games or to not be mindful of others trying to exercise and neglect to provide your fellow resident 6 feet of social distance while they walk, run or bike. I know that there are several scenarios such as narrow paths with multiple runners, bikers, or dog walkers, but please do your best.  Drivers, if you see people walking in the street attempting social distance please do your part, slow down or even stop for a couple of seconds to allow pedestrians the opportunity to stay safe.  If we work together, we all will benefit in the long run.

Caring for others in your community and beyond.

These are trying times for all of us, traditional interactions and services that some of us may have been accustomed to have been disrupted. This includes cleaning services at private residences. We advise that you strongly consider the discontinuation of house cleaning services.  This action, regardless of whether you are not present in the home, potentially creates an unnecessary situation for multiple parties including the individuals hired to clean your home, the members of our household, and the members of the next household that the cleaning service visits. Remember, please stay safe.

Thank you

Mayor Frank

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