Columbia High School Named One of the Nation’s Most Influential Public High Schools by Academic Influence

by The Village Green
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From the South Orange Maplewood School District:

Columbia High School was ranked #21 among 50 of the most influential public high schools in the United States by Academic Influence.  CHS was identified as a top 50 US public high school based on the accumulative influence of its alumni.

Academic Influence ranks schools based on the influencers associated with them, with both faculty and alumni considered. They use machine learning to track influence and map the relevant connections between people and institutions. Based on their analysis, ranked schools display higher concentrations of influential people associated with them. Influence is based on web traffic analysis and citations of alumni associated with these high schools.

CHS Principal, Frank Sanchez says, “After learning so much about Columbia’s rich history, I am not surprised that CHS was selected as one of the most influential public high schools in the country. This is why our Alumni Hall of Fame is always one of the highlight events of the year.” He continued, “of course, we’re not going to take it easy; our faculty just can’t wait to see what our current students will do in the future to keep Columbia on top of this ranking!”

As part of the group of top 50 public high school schools in America, CHS as mentioned by Academic Influence is distinctive and has developed programs tailored to the needs of their students, but it also shares a few common factors with the other high schools, among them: highly-trained faculty members, a thoughtfully selected curriculum, advanced course offerings designed to prepare students for college and careers, and an atmosphere that promotes achievement and innovation is a team of academics and data scientists working to provide an objective, non-gameable influence-based ranking for the people, schools, and disciplinary programs that make up higher education. To that end, they have engineered an innovative and unbiased ranking technology that employs machine learning to measure the impact of work produced by the world’s top academic influencers. Their InfluenceRanking™ engine brings to light the achievements of top institutions and top academics across the world. The full list of high schools can be found here:

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