‘Higher Than Normal’ Chlorine Levels at Maplewood Pool Sickened Some, Town Says

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The following email was sent to Maplewood Community Pool Members on July 19, 2021.

Read more about the incident here and here.

Dear Maplewood Pool Members:

This e-mail serves as a follow up regarding the event which occurred at our Township pool this past Saturday. As previously communicated, a malfunction occurred resulting in a sediment release, sudden smell and liquid chlorine discharge. Chlorine is typically used to sanitize the pool to prevent bacterial growth. As mentioned we have been working with our third-party contractor, CFM, to identify and resolve the cause of the malfunction. All of our Township professionals and our Health Officer have been actively involved in monitoring this situation to ensure the safety of our residents and pool members.

We previously mentioned that there was a malfunction in the pools filtration system. More specifically, with the automatic level controller which controls the amount of water in the pool. This malfunction reduced the volume of water available for the filtration system and caused the recirculation pump to draw in air and shut down. While this was occurring another feed pump continued to operate pumping chlorine into the piping system. When the water level reached the proper elevation the filtration system restarted and the initial rush of filtered water into the pool caused liquid chlorine, at levels higher than normal, to enter the pool. This confluence of events caused some members to experience various medical symptoms.

Once this occurred we immediately diagnosed the issue and took corrective steps to address it and ensure it would not occur again. In the meantime, the automatic level controller is being bypassed and the water level in the pool is being continuously monitored and maintained by certified pool staff. Additionally, the filtration system and chemical control systems are being continuously monitored by staff on an hourly basis. At all times prior to the incident the chemistry level tests resulted in readings that were within normal limits and these readings continued after the incident.

We understand your concern and appreciate your patience in this matter. The safety of our residents and pool members is our primary concern and we would do nothing to compromise that. Pool staff as well as CFM have been diligent in continual testing and ensuring health and safety standards for water quality. Furthermore, processes for enhanced monitoring of the mechanics of the pool are being put in place to assure that the pool is safe and operable. We look forward to your continued participation.


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