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Mancuso to Lead New Maplewood Community Service Department

From Maplewood Township:

As part of the Township’s service reorganization, Recreation (and Cultural Affairs), Health, Welfare and Senior Services are now part of the newly formed Community Services Department, and will be supervised by Melissa Mancuso, the new Community Services Director. Mancuso [previously the Township’s director of recreation and cultural affairs] looks forward to broadening outreach to residents for all divisions, and increasing teamwork and synergy in the newly formed department. Mancuso’s mission includes offering programming and services that are affordable and accessible, and providing safe, and varied programs and services to our diverse population in a cost-effective and progressive manner. She strives to increase productivity and review, improve and expand our programs and services to keep pace with the changes and needs of the entire community.  Mancuso brings a strong background in management, interpersonal communication, and vitality to the position, and expects measurable success.

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