Maplewood Health Dept.: 2022 Health Insurance Coverage Enrollment Period is Open Until December 31

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From the Maplewood Health Department:

Health may not be on the forefront of people’s minds as we go into the holiday season, but if people are hoping for “a little peace of mind” for the holidays, a good way to get this is to ensure you and your family are covered with health insurance. 

Who needs health insurance? 

We often do not think about health insurance until an unforeseen accident or illness falls upon us. Everyone needs health insurance. Those who are in most need of this safety net are also those who we count on the most- those who are our community essential workers, the family caregiver of the young and the old, those who have a disability, the person who works multiple part time jobs, or the person who recently finds themselves out of a job. Health care coverage also applies if you are a recent college graduate or are aging out of your parents’ health insurance coverage

When people have health insurance, they are more likely to find a healthcare provider that they can connect with and go to for more preventative services like annual physicals and heart disease, cancer, or diabetes screenings. These services are lifesaving. 

Access to a healthcare provider that you can talk to and trust also increases understanding of one’s healthcare and diseases, and how to prevent getting sick by getting vaccinations or having a plan for lifestyle behaviors such as incorporating more exercise or better nutrition. Having health insurance is a solid step to staying healthy. 

In NJ people can register for health insurance on the state’s official health insurance marketplace at  The health insurance enrollment period ends on December 31st. Nine out of 10 people qualify for financial help. 

For families with children, you can also check with

If you need help with signing up for health insurance, please contact

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