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New Drop-off, Pick-up Traffic Patterns Begin at Maplewood Middle School Dec 18

Maplewood Middle School

New traffic patterns are coming to Maplewood Middle School on Monday, December 18.

In order to promote traffic and pedestrian safety, the Maplewood Township Committee, Police Dept. and SOMSD are collaborating to introduce new drop-off and pick-up traffic patterns at schools throughout Maplewood. Changes went into effect at Tuscan School on December 4.

Now it’s MMS’s turn.

Basically, the changes are looking to make traffic wend just one way in front of MMS — instead of the two-direction mania that has parents dropping off their children in front of the school then almost running over other students as they dash across the street being after being dropped off in the opposite direction.

Cars will be able to turn onto Burnett from Baker but will not be able to travel past Maple on Burnett to reach Baker.

Similarly, cars will be able to turn from Burnett onto Maple but will not be able to turn onto Maple in the opposite direction from Salter Place.

The release from the Town, Police and School District asks that parents and guardians NOT make K-turns after dropping children off.

In addition, the release asks that children walk to school.

Read the full release here:

Download (PDF, 62KB)

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