Q&A with Maplewood’s Instagram Star Tanya Meda

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It is alway fun to glimpse inside the world of someone local, especially when that someone has great style. I was excited to speak recently with Maplewood’s Tanya Meda about how her interior styling instagram account House Of Six Interiors. In record time, it has taken off at lightning speed (more than 60,000 followers) and become a successful business and creative outlet beyond anything she ever dreamed possible.

You can follow Tanya here on Instagram.

Natalie: A year ago you had a couple hundred followers on Instagram. Now you have more than 60K. That’s crazy. How did it happen?

Tanya: I know, I still can’t believe it. I think it’s because my feed is relatable and approachable. I share design ideas, but also the mess that is part of everyday life.

N: What percentage of your posts actually include photos of your home?

T: Around 95%.

N: Wow. Really?

T: Yes, I think it’s because people like seeing how others live.

N: How much time do you spend on Instagram?

T: Too much (laughing). Probably two hours a day.

N: Who are your followers for the most part?

T: Mostly young moms, but surprisingly quite a few are women in their 20’s, some newly married. I’d say the breakdown is 50/50 between the two.

N: How would you describe your style?

T: I’d call it laid back bohemian meets Scandinavia. I love white walls and am obsessed with plants. I have a snake plant in every room. They only need to be watered every three months, win-win.

N: So you started your Instagram account to indulge your love of design. Did you have any idea it would turn into a paying business?

T: Not at all, I keep pinching myself.

N: How many clients are you working with?

T: Between those I’ve helped and those I’m currently working with, ten. I was also just hired by a woman in the UK to decorate remotely. It’s insane how this has taken off.

N: Wow! Anything else?

T: Yes, I now have vendors sending me products to feature on my feed.

N: Oh my gosh, you’re like Kim Kardashian with product placement.

T: Ha-Ha, that’s what my husband says.

N: Looking at the comments you get, it sounds like you’ve made a community of Insta-friends.

T: Absolutely, everyone is so nice and supportive. I really consider these people friends.

N: The name of your account is House of Six Interiors and you often feature your four children. How does having a large family play into what you post?

T: My family life inspires my style. We keep a stylish home, but one that is totally livable. I try to keep it interesting, but never take myself too seriously.

N: Where would you like to be five years from now?

T: I’d like to grow my styling business. My kids are still little (ten and younger) so it’s a lot to juggle, but I feel incredibly happy right now.

N: Lastly, what is it about Maplewood you love?

T: When we first came to check out Maplewood we pulled in on the train and I saw from the window a bunch of dads sledding with their kids. It looked like a Norman Rockwell painting and I thought “This is it.” There is very little not to like here. I love walking to town with my family on Sunday mornings and shopping at all the great little stores. I love the diversity here and all the artists. It’s just a great place to live!

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