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Millburn Schools: Pre-K to Grade 4 Hybrid Plan to Begin in October

From Millburn Township Schools Superintendent Dr. Christine Burton, Sept. 11, 2020:

Millburn High School

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Our virtual start of the school year has provided our students with a remote experience, and we have garnered valuable information about how our procedures, protocols, and technology have worked in the virtual model.  We are now in the process of scheduling the next phase of our reopening plan. 

As we continue to strive toward our goal of providing for the health and safety of all staff and students to return to the Millburn Schools, we have been coordinating with our Local Department of Health to finalize the health and safety logistics in our buildings. In acknowledgment of the academic and social needs of our youngest learners, we are now planning to transition our Pre-K through Grade 4 students to in-school learning (Hybrid model) anticipated to start October 5.  We want to share the details on the Hybrid model and schedules, along with the survey link for parents to designate the option for PreK to Grade 4 students.   We will do our best to place siblings in the same AM or PM session, but please understand that there may be extenuating circumstances where this is not possible.

[See the entire letter here:]

Download (PDF, 524KB)


  • Must be submitted by Wednesday, September 16
  • This is your official selection for your PreK to Grade 4 child for the first trimester
  • Please respond only once per child


Dr. Christine Burton

Superintendent of Schools

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