South Orange & Maplewood Electric Bills Likely to Rise as Towns Return to PSE&G as Supplier

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From South Orange Village:

Sustainable Essex Alliance Energy Procurement Cooperative (“SEAEPC”) – current contract ending in September 2022

South Orange has been taking part in an energy aggregation program for the past several years to supply residents with greater renewable energy content at an equal or better rate by purchasing energy on behalf of its residents cooperatively with 6 other Towns as Sustainable Essex Alliance Energy Procurement Cooperative (“SEAEPC”)*. Our present contract with Energy Harbor, LLC (3rd party provider) has been providing participating Township residents power supply with enhanced renewable energy content and some savings on their electric bills since April 2021. This contract will end in September 2022 and an acceptable replacement has not been found. You can read the complete details in the PDF statement posted below.

  • The existing contract is coming to an end in September. We have been unable to solicit a new contract with favorable terms.
  • Energy prices have increased considerably since November 2020, (when we last went out to bid) making it much more difficult to obtain favorable bid pricing compared to the PSE&G tariff.
  • PSE&G will automatically resume as your power supplier.
  • PSE&G will send notices to residents informing them that service with Energy Harbor, LLC will be ending effective on your September 2022 meter read date.
  • Starting with your October PSE&G bill, you will notice that Energy Harbor power supply charges will be replaced with a line item for PSE&G ‘Basic Generation Service’ power supply.
  • There is nothing that residents need to do to effectuate this change.
  • People on an equalized payment plan (budget billing) will receive a final “true up” bill from PSE&G in October to balance out their actual usage during the contract period.
  • This true-up will be a credit if your total budget payments have been greater than the charges for actual electricity consumed during the past 17 months. Alternatively, this true-up will be a charge if your budget payments have totaled to less than actual charges for electricity consumed during the past 17 months.

The SEAEPC will continue to monitor market conditions to award a beneficial contract and expects to go back out to bid within the next 12 months. If the SEAEPC awards a new contract for a third round of the SEA program, the new contract would most likely start in early-to-mid 2023.

*Towns involved in SEAEPC are Maplewood, Glen Ridge, Montclair, Verona, Livingston, South Orange, and Glen Rock.


Download (DOCX, 72KB)

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