‘Intersectional Feminism in the Romance Novel’ at Ethical Culture Society June 9

Join romance novelists Kay Blake, Adriana Herrera, Barbara James, Harper Miller and LaQuette for a discussion on intersectional feminism, heroes, and heroines in fiction’s most prolific and beloved genre. Led by Ruby Scalera, the panel will cover themes of inclusive writing, commercial success and representation in a broad range of romance subgenres, from closed-door to high heat.

While romance novels have a history of subversive and progressive thinking, it is long past time for them to reconcile a systematic bias in order to give everyone a fair chance at their own Happily Ever After. We hope you’ll join our conversation on how industry professionals, readers, and writers can make those changes together.

The panel will conclude with questions from the audience and refreshments will follow, with further opportunity to speak with the writers. The panel will take place on June 9th at 1:30 pm at The Ethical Culture Society in Maplewood, New Jersey. Admission is free and donations are appreciated. For more information, contact Ruby Scalera at [email protected].

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