Kindergarten Registration Is Closed for Tuscan School

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Updated: June 23, 2014, 11:55 a.m.

The following “2014-2015 Kindergarten Registration Update” was sent to the local real estate community on Friday by South Orange-Maplewood School District Business Administrator Cheryl Schneider. Suzanne Turner, Director of Strategic Communications for the district, reports that the information was posted on the district website under announcements in April. It is also posted at the registration table at the Board Office, and was sent to Presidents’ Council, to the Tuscan PTA, and the press. Superintendent Brian Osborne also mentioned the registration closing during his Superintendent’s update earlier this spring. Questions about registration should be directed to the Registrar at 973-762-5600 ext. 1830.


2014-2015 Kindergarten Registration Update

Please be aware that Kindergarten registration for Tuscan Elementary School for the 2014-15 School Year is currently closed. Any new Kindergarten registrants residing in the Tuscan attendance area will be assigned to an alternate District elementary school.

The Board of Education directs the assignment of pupils to the schools, programs, and classes of this district consistent with the best educational interests of pupils and the best uses of the resources of this district. (Board Policy 5120).

Board policy 8110 requires the Superintendent to review the existing attendance areas annually and to recommend to the Board of Education regarding any changes.

Pupils shall generally attend the school located in the attendance area of their residence. However, the Superintendent may assign a pupil to a school other than that designated by the attendance area when such an exception is justified by circumstances, including the balancing of enrollments at specific grade levels between schools as necessary. While pupil assignment to a school other than their zoned school is infrequent, it does occur and is supported by Board policy. Pupils are not guaranteed a specific school based on location of their residence.

All such decisions of the Superintendent shall be final. Every reasonable effort shall be made to permit pupils so assigned by the Superintendent to be continuously enrolled in the same school.

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