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Support the South Mountain YMCA, Support Your Local Community

world day at ymca eclcDid you know that 1 out of every 10 children that participate in South Mountain YMCA programs receive financial assistance? The South Mountain Y provides more than $275,000 in support annually in the community. Its doors are open to EVERYONE through its programs, camps and day care.

It is a vital part of the South Orange – Maplewood community.

This holiday season is a time for gratitude and reflection, and there are few local organizations that South Orange and Maplewood should be more grateful for than the South Mountain YMCA.

To meet the need in the community, the South Mountain YMCA must raise an additional $20,000 before the end of the year. Can you help? Click here to donate.

In addition to its highly respected daycare/preschool, the Y offers sports, family activities, camps and more — all at low cost or in same cases, free of charge. Everything they do is with one goal in mind: to give kids, teens, and adults – of all ages and backgrounds – a better chance to reach their full potential. As they say, “lives are changed every day at the Y.”

At this challenging time in our country, many are asking how THEY can help and step in to make a real difference in their own backyards. Supporting the South Mountain YMCA is a direct way to lend your support to children in your own community.


  • 1 in 10 children that participate in South Mountain YMCA programs receive financial assistance.
  • The South Mountain YMCA provides more than $275,000 in support every year.
  • The Y is seeking to raise an additional $20,000 before year-end to meet the need in our community.
  • Do your part by donating here:

Every child deserves a chance at greatness. By supporting your local YMCA, you are helping kids in your community gain the skills and confidence they need to reach their potential, from birth and beyond.

How does your donation help? Take a look at these two videos.

Mark’s Video

Local realtor Mark Slade was personally helped by the YMCA and now sits on its board:

Nikki’s Video

Nikki is a single mom with two children who has gratefully relied on the YMCA’s financial assistance to be able to send her children to daycare and camp while she commutes to a different state for work. Without the Y, these kids would have fallen through the cracks.

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