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Coallier & Jones to Run With Zuckerman for South Orange Board of Trustees

Donna Coallier (left) and Summer Jones

After announcing his candidacy for South Orange Village Board of Trustees on March 6, Bob Zuckerman today announced his running mates: Donna Coallier, an Upper Wyoming resident and partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers; and Summer Jones, a Seton Village resident and an IT professional who is Assistant Vice-President of Technical Support Services at Montclair State University.

Zuckerman announced on March 4 that he was stepping down from his position as Executive Director of the South Orange Village Center Alliance, the downtown management organization that he led for 5-1/2 years.

Three of the six seats on the South Orange Board of Trustees are up for election on May 14. Three other candidates have announced they are running together for Board of Trustees: Matt Wonski, Stacey Borden and Edward Grossi.

Deadline to file petitions to run is March 11 (contact the Village Clerk at 76 South Orange Avenue).

Two candidates have also announced their candidacies for South Orange Village President — current VP Sheena Collum and current Trustee Deborah Davis Ford. Ford is campaign with Wonski, Borden and Grossi. Collum has not announced a joint campaign with any Trustee candidates but posted a congratulatory comment on Zuckerman’s Facebook announcement for his candidacy and reacted to the announcement of Coallier and Jones with a heart emoji.

From Bob Zuckerman via Facebook:

I’m simply amazed by everyone’s responses to my post announcing my candidacy! Thank you all so much for your incredible words of encouragement and support. And now today, on International Women’s Day no less, I am thrilled to announce my running mates who will be joining me on this quest to fill three vacant seats on our Board of Trustees – Donna Coallier and Summer Jones.

Donna is a resident of the Upper Wyoming neighborhood who has 30+ years in finance and strategy, most recently as a partner in PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Donna will help us look for ways we can save money in our budget.

Summer, who lives in the Seton Village area, is an IT professional who is Assistant Vice-President of Technical Support Services at Montclair State University. Summer’s expertise will help us make our government more efficient.

Both women are personable, super-smart and full of energy and I couldn’t have found two better people to run with me as we take our message of diversity and equality, smart development and good government to the residents of South Orange! If you are a South Orange resident we’ll be looking for your signature over the next few days to help us get on the ballot, and then it’s off to the races, so I’ll hope you’ll join us.

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