Letter to the Editors: Baker & Baker Put the Interests of Children First

To the Editor:

We are writing in support of incumbent and current Board President Elizabeth Baker and former Board member (1998-01) Robin Baker in their bid for election to the South Orange Maplewood Board of Education. Both of these women possess a level of thoughtful intelligence that, coupled with their passion for the success of our children, makes them effective leaders for our Board of Education. We share their values in support of educational equity for all children. These values drive their goals of achieving socio-economic and racial integration in our elementary schools, eliminating the culture of low expectations that exists among some educators in our district, and ensuring that all students and their families be fully welcome in their schools.

Elizabeth Baker
Robin Baker

In her role as Board President, Elizabeth has demonstrated an ability to collaborate with all Board members to create an effective body that will provide real oversight, ensuring that the administration is accountable for creating and maintaining a successful educational experience for every student. As her close friends and neighbor for nearly 15 years, we know her true belief in ensuring fair opportunities; as a labor lawyer on the side of workers, Elizabeth practices this belief every day. It is with that same level of strength and determination that she approaches the need for fairness and opportunity for all students here in our district.

Robin’s served on the Board from 1998-2001, before her daughter entered our schools. Since then, her daughter attended district schools and graduated in 2014. During that entire period, Robin was active in a wide range of volunteer roles in our schools. Her Board experience, together with her subsequent 17 years of volunteer experience, makes her well positioned to bring her wisdom to the work of the Board. Robin’s professional experience as a financial manager will inform those more difficult decisions facing our district around the need for space and the effective use of our valuable resources.

Our district is a unique one that requires Board members to be dedicated to the work and understand the complex issues we face. Elizabeth and Robin are determined to put the interests of children first, no matter how challenging the situation may be. Please join us in voting for Elizabeth Baker and Robin Baker for the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education.

Regina Schaefer

Daniela LaValva
South Orange

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