OP-ED: We Don’t Need Armed Schools & Theaters, We Need Background Checks

by The Village Green
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How do we comprehend the events in Lafayette, LA? A movie theater screening of “TRAINWRECK” during which two people are killed and nine injured. How do we comprehend the events in Aurora, CO?

A movie theater screening of “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES” during which 12 people are killed and 70 injured. How do we comprehend the events in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT? An ordinary day during which six staff members and twenty students are killed. How do we comprehend the events of so many more repulsive incidents like these?

Are we numb?

Do we honestly believe that by arming ushers in movie theaters and teachers in elementary schools, we would be safer? Would you want your child to attend an armed movie theater or an armed elementary school? Is this the kind of society we want to foster?

Ironically, there’s no conclusive evidence that arming an establishment or oneself even works.

It’s time for the country to do something that has a fighting chance of working, namely institute background checks for all.

We have suffered enough as a country and we at least owe it to those who have lost.


Andy Myers is a South Orange resident who has spent 30 years working primarily in film distribution/marketing both in Canada and the U.S. Myers is the creator of the Reel Talk independent film series that debuted at the South Orange Performing Arts Center‘s Bow Tie Cinemas this past March.

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